MoodBoards Inspiration Trends for 2019 Part II

Mood Boards Inspiration Trends 2019 Part II – Another day and a lot more of design! Our passion for design is translated every day here at Covet Group by all of our brands, where they set up trends with exclusive unique pieces build with the ability of high-end craftsmanship techniques.

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And with that we have a 5 more MoodBoards with new trends set up by Covet Group brands that will inspire you and your project this year!

Gold Style

Inspired by Boca do Lobo the Gold Style will stand out this year, where design with gold finishes will bring the high-end luxury touch and transform every ambiance into a magnificent and classy space!

Raw Materials

Nature is one of the main inspirations for creating design, and with that purpose BRABBU set up this Moodboard bringing the beauty of the design nature already gives us and introducing the rustic beauty of the Raw materials.

Green Forest

Also inspired by nature is this board by Essential Home, this time bringing the influence of strong colours like the Green forest, into a spectacular Mid-Century modern design, a concept that thrives on rich colours.

Dusk Blue

This board brought to us by Circu brings the inspiration of the Dusk Blue with the influence of this calm tone that builds beautifully aesthetic ambiances with a sense of innocence perfect for any children ambiances.

Velvet Fabric

Last but not least Velvet is back bringing this timeless sense of comfort and luxury that transforms any project into a wonderful statement of design, in this beautiful board set by Luxxu that will surely inspire your next project.

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