MoodBoard Inspirations: Creating Art With Geometric Forms

MoodBoard Inspirations: Creating Art With Geometric Forms – Geometric and colourful furniture are some of the biggest trends of 2019, and for that reason we are going to explore today a unique design moodboard based on abstract art and geometric pieces, so keep on reading and discover new interior design inspirations, here at Covet Group.

Shapes, lines and colours are the primal elements composing this amazing design trend that promises to shake things up in the interior design world for 2019 and for the following years. Less is more and that’s exactly what Abstract Art Geometric is going for. Abstract art is often seen as carrying a moral dimension – it is frequently associated with virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality.

Abstract Art Geometric can be found in furniture, rugs, lighting, upholstery, tables, you name it! There are a lot of possibilities and that’s what makes this trend so desirable. Like colourful mathematical puzzles, Abstract Art Geometric will bring a retro atmosphere to your home design – with a modern character. So, make it bold and free – just like contemporary design should be.

From Boca do Lobo, for instance, we can highlight the Pixel Cabinet! Colours speak louder than words, the Pixel’s colours are arranged in a kaleidoscopic way so expect some groovy mind-bending moments of contemplation – it’s all about the feeling itself. Your home decor will definitely be transformed in ways you could have never imagined with this luxury cabinet.

Following a more mid-century modern vibe, Essential Home has produced some stunning pieces following this trend. For starters, we can highlight the Audrey Rug, a contemporary low pile rug that features a mesmerizing pattern of coloured triangles. The bright vivid colours mix with the abstract geometric pattern to produce an amazing rich indoor rug.

Another top product is the Edith Sideboard. Sideboards are usually made out of wood, but Edith is not and that’s why it is a distinctive piece to furnish your living room. It is upholstered with soft velvet and stands out for its high-end look at the top, making use of a grey textured marble that perfectly fits this modern abstract trend and a more Mid-Century Vibe.



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