MoodBoard Inspirations: Rediscovering The Fluid Shapes

MoodBoard Inspirations: Rediscovering The Fluid Shapes – Off and on, here at Covet Group, we like to present you with one more trend to keep yourself inspired, bringing amazing design made with master craftsmanship that transforms the world. And today we bring you a trend that is being rediscovered, bringing a modern touch to new projects. Let’s rediscover the fluid shapes!

This trend is a mix of bold colours and intense gradients combined with designs that have a quite fluid and shapely design. This year fluid shapes will be rediscovered as an essential interior design style you must have.  Brought to life with shapes that brings the feeling of a fluid motion to the room, the fluid design trend bet on strong and vibrant colours to deliver an impressive renewed aesthetic.

With this trend in mind we can think of astonishing pieces like Rug’Society’s La Land rug, with several pastel colours that meld together in a combination of the texture and the print make it a very trendy piece.

Or even one of Boca do Lobo‘s incredible design piece the Angra mirror, a tribute to the historical city of “Angra do Heroismo” in the Azores, Portugal, is a seductive and elegant mirror and has a striking shape and a curvy design.

Floor Samples
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