MoodBoard Inspirations:  Mixing Metals

MoodBoard Inspirations:  Mixing Metals –  We celebrate design with the next styles that are making trend trough the year, and today we are mixing it up! This Summer it’s all about playing with both warm and cool metallic tones. Mixing the warmer tones of copper, gold or brass with the cooler tones of chrome, silver, and steel brings sophisticated dazzle to your interior. Let’s see the mixing metals the new trend you will want to follow.

Metal isn’t just for the kitchen and bathroom, it can also liven up a living space. Typically larger than the kitchen or bath, the living room provides a larger playground, which is nice if you want to try new ideas.

One of these unique examples is the Diamond Pyrite Sideboard Projected to be the jewel in the crown of the Covet Groups brand Boca do Lobo, the Diamond Sideboard is a reflection of the furniture jeweler’s expertise and quintessence, undoubtedly deserving its title, inspired by the gothic furniture of the romantic period, with its capacity to take advantage of the power of imagination, prevision and escape, without forgetting its unique character.

And also if you want to use this trend with a spacial touch any of the Lapiaz familiy products like the Lapiaz Console resembling a freshly cracked stone it celebrates the world’s treasures, which are revealed to a select few. this modern console suits a variety of environments thanks to its graceful form. Finding balance in terms of shape, and materials, the Lapiaz Console breathes sophistication and delicacy, maintaining a light presence.

Any Unique Jewelry Hardware by PullCast, can bring the sparkle of this amazing design trend to elevate any design project like the Kesya Pull Portraying a coming back to the roots and evoking prosperity, the inspiration was drawn from the very uneven texture of the bark pine tree, known by its endless evergreen. A distinguished furniture handle, made to enrich your modern designs.

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