Craftsmanship techniques: From Wood to Unique Design

Craftsmanship techniques: From Wood to Unique Design – Craftsmanship is an art on itself, making and transforming unique pieces with different techniques and transforming it into something beautiful. The technique we are going to talk about today is Wood Carving, one the most ancient craftsmanship technique known to men, and also one of the most used by Covet Groups brands that gives all the amazing designs you know and love.

At Covet Group we want to celebrate and honor Craftsmanship and every single person who creates soulful pieces with their own hands. And through that hands and the skillful techniques they use, our brands create design perfection.

One of the oldest arts of humankind, the art of making sculpturing ornaments in a wooden object creates undeniable beauty forms and shapes. From its natural look and textures, to highly polished and colored versions, wood has always been easily accessible and relatively easy to manipulate, attracting the interest of artists and designers over the years. Adding details to a piece can be performed thru different wood carving styles and techniques, such as pattern, blocking, detailing, surfacing, or smoothening.

Although the wood carving technique is one of most widely practiced, it survives much less than other main materials like stone carvings or bronze, changing thru time if left long periods of time without care.

As a result the technique, and it’s perfection over the years, it transforms the raw material into something majestic like the Marie Antoinette Mirror by Boca doLobo, that translate all the attention to detail into to this unique design piece.

Maison et Objet 2020

We have techniques that translate the next evolution in craftsmanship, and Wood Carving is just one of this craftsmanship techniques that builds unique design, stay with us for more at Covet Group, our News Page and you can follow us also on FacebookLinkedinInstagram and Pinterest!

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